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Sheikh Law is dedicated to protecting and advocating for human rights in Canada. We represent clients with human rights claims before various human rights tribunals and commissions across the country, including the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and provincial and territorial human rights commissions and tribunals.

Human rights law in Canada is a fundamental aspect of our legal system. They ensure that all individuals are treated with equality, dignity, and respect, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other protected characteristic. Human rights legislation in Canada prohibits discrimination and harassment in various areas of life, including employment, housing, services, and education.

We are committed to providing practical, effective advice on human rights matters to our clients. We understand that human rights issues can be complex and sensitive, and we approach each case with empathy, professionalism, and a dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services related to human rights law. Some of our key practice areas include:

  • Representation before Human Rights Tribunals and Commissions: We represent clients in human rights complaints and hearings before various tribunals and commissions, including the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and provincial and territorial human rights commissions and tribunals. We provide expert advocacy and strategic advice to help our clients navigate the legal process and achieve a fair resolution.
  • Human Rights Compliance: We provide advice and assistance to employers, landlords, service providers, and educational institutions on how to comply with human rights legislation in Canada. We help our clients develop policies and procedures to prevent discrimination and harassment, conduct investigations into complaints, and provide training on human rights obligations.
  • Human Rights Litigation: We litigate human rights cases in courts across Canada, including judicial reviews of decisions by human rights tribunals and commissions. We have a proven track record of success in handling complex human rights litigation and advocating for our clients' rights at all levels of the legal system.
  • Legal Advice and Opinions: We provide comprehensive legal advice and opinions on a wide range of human rights issues, including accommodation of disabilities, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and other forms of discrimination and harassment. We help our clients understand their rights and obligations under human rights legislation and provide practical solutions to complex legal problems.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing our firm for your human rights matter comes with several advantages, including:

  • Expertise: We have extensive experience representing clients in human rights matters. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in human rights law and apply our knowledge to achieve the best results for our clients.
  • Dedication: We are committed to protecting and advocating for human rights in Canada. We understand the importance of human rights in our society and are passionate about helping our clients assert their rights and seek justice.
  • Results-Driven Approach: We are results-oriented and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We use a strategic and proactive approach to human rights cases, leveraging our skills, expertise, and resources to achieve success.
  • Client-Centered Service: Our clients are our top priority. We provide personalized, client-centered service, taking the time to understand our clients' unique needs and concerns. We are responsive, communicative, and always available to answer our clients' questions and address their concerns.
  • Compassionate and Respectful Advocacy: We understand that human rights cases can be emotionally challenging and require sensitivity and compassion. We approach each case with empathy and respect, and strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment for our clients.

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If you need assistance with a human rights matter in Canada, don’t hesitate to contact our firm We are committed to protecting your rights and providing effective legal representation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you navigate the complexities of human rights law in Canada. 

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